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Intro Terms Governments Map


Before we get started, please feel free to navigate around any parts of these data files:

Intro Terms Governments Map

Contained in these data files below is a collection of one-pagers, or a series of quick reference guides and personal notes ranging from mundane to highly technical. One-pagers are to be of use for spacefaring people in everyday life. It can be a guidebook or for quick recall when you need to work on a technical issue. From mundane to complex topics from scientific and engineering disciplines, a one-pager is versatile.

What we have done, is collected the very basic facts of human inhabited space that any Earther leaving for the first time would need to know. We have made it available for you as a jumping off point as you leave the surly bonds of your terrestrial home and live among the stars. As you become a well traveled citizen of the United Planets, we fully expect and encourage significant additions, modifications, or suggestions. Please distribute this far and wide as you travel!

As you are no doubt aware, for all but a rarified few all tickets from an Earth cosmodrome are one-way. There is no returning for the Earth expatriots. However, the vast majority of United Planets citizens born on Earth find the endless variations and wonders of a life in space to be well worth it.

Very briefly, this document is structured as follows:

  • Glossary of ubiquitous abbreviations and terms.
  • Brief overview of the political situation including history one-pagers.
  • An interactive star map of all human inhabited worlds

Before we continue those of who have produce this Expat's guide would like to pass on our well-wishes on behalf of the Global Exchange Rihante and the Corporate Congress. May all your wagers provide long-term return on investment for you, us, and your descendants among the stars!

Ubiquitous Terms

Intro Terms Governments Map

Einstein-Rosen-Rojas-Alcubierre-Li (ERR-AL or often Ural):

Off-world the ERR-AL drive — the miraculous application of particle accelerators to exploit properties of the dark matter vacuum to produce intermittent, traversable, wormholes and effective faster-than-light speed — is widely referred to simply as a Ural drive for idiosyncratic and historical reasons. Remember, if you travel with a ERR-AL drive the accelerated reference frame will yield a proper-time penalty. If you were to travel to the furthest reaches of inhabited space and return to Sol then a journey of several days in subjective, or tau time, would yield months passed from the perspective of your friends and family down well on Earth. This, unfortunately, goes both ways and so the news from the edges of the Spanning Worlds will be months out of date by the time you arrive.

Alcubierre-Li drive (AL):

Before the advent of the ERR-AL drive, the Alcubierre-Li drive reigned supreme. While only yielding sub-light, but relativistic, velocities for a spacecraft these drives reduced transit time between the inner and outer Solar system from a minimum of a month down to mere hours. The AL drive allowed for humans to establish permanent habitats on the Jovian moons, Titan, and trans-Neptunian planetoids as well.

Krasnikov Tube (K-Tube):

Using autonomous ERR-AL capable crafts, it is possible to create massive wakes of traversable wormholes and produce a mega-structure known as a Krasnikov tube. These temporary structures are not made of physical material, but rather the temporary warping of spacetime around the ERR-AL drives. Following in their wake, it is possible for these autonomous systems to drag alone purely Newtonian craft. However, the relative velocities between star systems are quite large, and many non-ERR-AL capabale craft utilize the assistance of fusion tugs to travel between stars.

The creation of a K-Tube network by the Earth corporation AG has dramatically lowered the barrier to entry for interstellar travel. In fact, of the nearly one million craft that participate in interstellar trade every Solar year, nearly 63% are neither ERR-AL nor AL capable. However, even those craft that are independently ERR-AL capable, the apparent velocity boost of traveling through the K-tube network is invaluable.


A term for any human born outside of Sol.


While a scientific term in its own right, colloquially it is often, incorrectly, used by self-labeled Extrasolars to indicate anyone who hails from Sol. For anyone from the Solar System it refers to all the humans who were not born on Earth.


A slang term used by many in the Spanning Worlds Independence to refer to anyone from the United Planets.

The Isolation:

The period of time after the Last Terrestrial War on Mars where the foothold habitats struggled to survive, develop in situ resource infrastructure and eventually learned to thrive on the inhospitable world.

Nuevo Marses:

After the end of The Isolation, and the rapid expansion to other stars after the advent of ERR-AL drives, there were many Mars-like and hostile worlds that many Martians found appealing.

Martian Pidgin, Mars Lingua, Di Lingua, or Martian Creole:

Born out of the chaos of The Isolation, Mars Pidgin has modified grammar structures from commonly spoken Earth languages, a modified phonology, script, and alphabet, and numerous lexical borrowings from many of Earth's languages. Now it is widely spoken by Solars, and even a few extrasolar Nuevo Marses.

Celarium or Cel:

A Martian term for arcologies, derived from the controlled ecological life-support system (CELSS) it denotes an enclosed ecological system, typically with extensive bio-regenerative ecologies and life support supplements, and in a city or habitat space implies immense scale and hab density. Widely used by all inhabited worlds, and even by Extrasolars.

Extraocular Augmented Reality (EAR):

While medically necessary augmentations are common on Earth, non-terrestrial Solars and Extrasolars make near-mandatory use of modifications of the eye, ear, and fingers to generate a combined augmented reality system that can produce audio, tactile, and visual communication like any Earthbound augmented reality system. Both long-range and short-range, the primitive EAR interface is to the space-faring peoples what virtual reality spaces are to Earthers.

Seal, seal codes, stamps:

A long-term storage quantum encryption key system, the biometrically locked public/private key system is mandatory for all off-world citizens of any nation. While the seal itself is a several centimeter long object with an interactive, usually red, colored end seals are often used as a term for any encrypted device that uses the public or private key of a seal to encode the information. Seal function very similarly to the more familiar fully homomorphic encrypted biometric record and identity cards, or BRICs, that you are familiar with from Earth.

Legal Jurisdictions, Factional Tension, and Best Practices

Intro Terms Governments Map

For many Earthers, the laws, governments, and numerous legal jurisdictions that will apply to you as you live among the stars are endlessly confusing. As this is a series of one pagers and not a treatise on the endlessly complex interstellar political environment, we can breakdown the system into a quick rule of thumb:

  • With few exceptions all inhabited planets recognize the universal legal jurisdiction of the Interstellar Court of Justice (ICJ).
  • Beyond the ICJ, there are three primary factions: the United Planets, the Spanning Worlds, and the Homeworlds (see below for descriptions).
  • Applicable laws and rights generally are organized from most restrictive to least restrictive as you move away from the orbital jurisdiction of a gravity well. For example, Mars has a unified government selected by the various Soleriums, as you leave the surface you are under local orbital guard jurisdiction which is more restrictive than the interplanetary restrictions, and more than the interstellar restrictions, and so on. The most important and universal rights are protected by the ICJ which apply even in interstellar space between stars.
  • No governments beyond Earth are wager-based. As a result you may find many legal situations hard to fathom. If you are in legal trouble, please seek legal counsel at your nearest Earth consulate.

United Planets of the Local Bubble (UPLB)

As an Earth citizen, you are automatically a citizen of the United Planets of the Local Bubble. Originally, this intergovernmental structure was the connective tissue between all of the human worlds inhabited after the advent of the ERR-AL drive. However, ensuing tensions and severe mis-wagers by AG's stewardship of the Corporate Congress, the re-discovery of star systems inhabited after the Alcubierre-Li drives were produced, and the severe military loses around the mid-24th century have lead to a fraught political situation. Caution: not all human worlds are members of the UPLB.

Spanning Worlds Independence (SWI)

Aptly named as the Spanning Worlds form a perimeter of the farthest flung human inhabited star systems, these group of former UPLB member systems are now a coalition of pseudo-independent planets, though they retained membership in the Interstellar Court of Justice. Less fractious than the Homeworlds Federation the Spanning Worlds are a common and alluring destination for United Planets citizens.

Homeworlds Federation

Immediately after the end of The Isolation, Earth was still in a period of political, cultural, and environmental turmoil. For a period after the AL drive was invented, and before the ERR-AL effect was discovered, many disgruntled, ideological, and religious Earthers decided to travel to the nearest, barely habitable, worlds and create better Homeworlds. Highly idiosyncratic, fundamentally independent, and fractious the Homeworlds did not unite as a coherent political entity until the K-Tube network neared completion. During The War, the Homeworlds Federation had extreme loses, and there are numerous reports of anti-Earth discrimination justified by lingering resentment for the occupation of Chiron.